The primary goal of our classes is to improve communication. During each lesson four different language skills are addressed: speaking, writing, comprehension and reading.

Teaching materials

We use books developed in accordance with the European System of Reference for Languages and recognized as the best on the market. Exercises recorded on a CD improve listening skills. Interesting dialogs help in advancing conversational skills.


Grammar is presented in a clear and simple manner. Each student has a different way of absorbing knowledge – visual, phonetic, kinesthetic. Diverse exercises and various approaches assure that everyone will find their match.

Language comprehension is improved through prerecorded conversations. Real-life examples help practice both speech and intonation. Other exercises focus on grammar and vocabulary.


Each teacher, while monitoring the progress of the students, knows exactly all problem areas and based on that, prepares additional materials - excerpts from magazins, songs, press articles. At the end of each segment, the student completes a verification test.

Common European Framework of Reference

Methods used adhere to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: learning, teaching, assessment / (CEFR) in terms of methodology, content and classification of language levels.



During this course the student learns the most common phrases necessary to survive the first days in Poland – greetings, presentation, asking for directions, setting up meetings, simple phone calls. He/she can count from 0 to 1000, knows basic nouns, verbs and adjectives. It is also an introduction to the "Day to Day Polish" course.




During this course the student learns how to describe his origin and surroundings, and also speak about everyday needs. By asking questions he/she is able to initiate simple conversations. The student also understands simple informational texts and the topics of common conversations, like personal/family information, shopping, work, etc. He/she can describe own experiences, hopes, dreams and plans, being able to justify them. This course also teaches the basics of the Polish grammar.



Upon the completion of this course, the student can present opinions on concrete and abstract subjects. He/she can easily formulate oral and written sentences on a broad range of subjects so that the conversation with a native speaker can be stress-free. The student uses grammatically correct Polish with only occasional errors.




A student capable of reaching this level can easily understand practically everything written or spoken. He/she can speak fluently and precisely and can understand subtleties of more complex matters. The language used is close to that of a native speaker.

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