EASY POLISH Polish Language School. Polish in Warsaw.

About us

EASY POLISH is a school specializing in teaching Polish language to foreigners since 2005 r.

EASY POLISH Polish Language School was established in Warsaw by Anita Szwarc, a Polish Philology graduate. Her long-term experience allowed to develop a unique approach to teaching. The priority has always been a creation of a mobile school that combines flexibility of individual courses with the quality guaranteed by a more traditional language school. Students decide themselves when and where the classes take place. The customers range from individuals to large institutions and work in all sorts of business sectors. The program is always tailored to their specific needs.

Our vision

EASY POLISH Polish Language School was created to help foreigners living in Warsaw to learn the language and to get to know the culture of our country. Anita has been working as a tutor for several years, constantly adapting to the the new methods in teaching Polish. She likes to teach and does it with passion.

From the very first lessons we try to use only the Polish language, which helps tremendously to quickly assimilate it. In addition to that, we can also use English and Spanish. We teach in a way that we would like to be taught a foreign language.

Our best reward is the progress of our students. Most of the clients are people who have heard about EASY POLISH from the previous students.

We invite you to take the first free trial lesson. You will soon discover that it is worth staying with us and .... recommending us to others :)

We are here to help you quickly and efficiently get rid of the culture shock that is usually experienced after moving to another country.

We will try to pass, in the most attractive way, our knowledge of the Polish culture and we will help you to fall in love with Warsaw.

We promise that you will spend time in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with energetic tutors.



Since she remembers she has always been very interested in the Polish language. Since the primary school she was verifying her brother's notebook searching for language mistakes.

The choice of a college was guided by her passion. Anita graduated  from University of Opole with a major in Polish philology and than she took postgraduate studies at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in Warsaw and a course for teachers of Polish language. Finally her passion turned into a profession. She has now been teaching Polish language for many years.

Students appreciate her for her high level of methodical knowledge, preparation, high manners, a smile and a professional approach to work. Anita is also a real traveler. She loves learning about new cultures and explore unknown regional flavors. Her favorite cuisine is Thai. From each trip, apart from recipes for exotic dishes, she always brings a souvenir - a mug. Currently she has a collection of more than 300 mugs, and the collection is still growing.


Our teachers graduated from the best Polish Universities. Apart from humanistic education they have also received education in the scope of methodology of teaching Polish as a foreign language.

EASY POLISH Polish Language School exercises due diligence to select teachers and training materials for every type of course. Our team consists of professionals whose primary objective is to meet the growing needs of our clients. The teachers know excellent methodical techniques. They are creative, conscientious, patient and, what’s more important, they always have enthusiastic attitude to working with foreigners. 

anita szwarc